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This foundation aims to fight the effects of global warming and to provide information and an awareness of how each of us can contribute to a healthier and greener planet. Simple actions such as not using straws, using less plastic, saving water, going vegan or planting a tree can help tremendously or you can just click on a button and donate to the Heleen Roots Foundation. We will do all the hard work for you! We will plant trees at schools and in public areas that need a touch of colour, calmness and shade. In so doing, we can create more awareness amongst this generation and ensure that future generations can also enjoy all that our planet has to offer.

This foundation was created to honour and remember a phenomenal woman - Heleen Roets, my father's aunt.

Heleen always put the well-being of others before her own, she dedicated her life to serving God and loved her family and friends with all her heart. She was an Educational Psychologist at WonderBoom High School and no matter the obstacle, whether in her own life or that of others, she persevered, always finding a way to help everyone. 

In grade 11, she helped me through an exceptionally tough time in my life, and in so doing we grew very close. Unfortunately, not long after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away three years later. I lost a beloved aunt and exceptional role model. She had taught me to always make a difference, not be ordinary, and in so doing provided me with the inspiration to do something in memory of her.

Our Projects

Lutzville High School Phase 1 Project

Lutzville High School Phase 2 Project

Rekkies en Tekkies Project

Lutzville-Wes Project

Apex High School Phase 1

Apex High School Phase 2

Steilhoogte Primary School


Our story

It is no secret that industrialisation, deforestation, pollution, and depletion of natural resources are all real threats to our planet.

The Heleen Roots Foundation’s mission is to educate the South African youth by raising awareness around climate change and global warming issues, and to facilitate tree-planting initiatives across the country. We aim to inspire young South Africans to champion working toward a greener future.

What started off as planting one tree a month has gained support amongst local schools and businesses, and now we would like to call on you for your support.


Our Vision

An informed South African youth inspired to actively champion the fight against global warming.


Our Mission

To build and inspire South African youth to take ownership of the earth's preservation through provision of education and communication on global warming, and the facilitation of tree planting initiatives.

Our Team


Jacob Wiese

Jacob is the founder of the Heleen Roots Foundation. He completed his BAccounting Honours through the University of Stellenbosch in 2019.  He started his career as aspirant Chartered Accountant in February 2020. The conservation of planet earth is his passion.  It is his dream to inspire other people to do the same through projects undertaken by the Heleen Roots Foundation. 


Amber Viljoen

I am an Honours student in Accounting and an aspiring Chartered Accountant with a love for nature. I strive to live in as eco-friendly a manner as possible to save our planet and that is why I support the Heleen Roots Foundation. This foundation is an incredible opportunity for people to do their bit for the environment and I can’t wait to see it grow and flourish!


Wessel Blomerus

I am a humble, hardworking and self-driven individual pursuing my Masters in Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University. I believe that a productive pupil is a product of his/her learning environment. With the help of the Heleen Roots Foundation, I wish to improve the environment surrounding school facilities, whilst also supporting indigenous gardening.


I hope you are inspired to join our family at the Heleen Roots Foundation and be part of this amazing journey!

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